Sun Came Out and So Did the Cars for 13th Annual Jefferson Car Show

| May 14, 2012

decanter, crystal wheels, flat screen TV and velvet frill curtains. Many of the parts that were not custom made by Schubert came from Japan where the style, called VIP, is popular with luxury vehicles like Lexus and Infiniti.

Nick Schubert with his 2006 1/2 Scion xB in the Luxury VIP style

For Nick Schubert, embellishing his car is a hobby.  He has no plans to go into business selling parts or making money from his car, although it has been featured at Burnsville Toyota and sat on top of Buck Hill during a snowboard competition. He got the car hobby gene from his dad who had a one-ton Ford dually pickup truck. Schubert remembers his mom complaining about the cost of car parts to his dad and his dad replying, “My car can’t look like any other car on the road.”  Nick’s Scion xB is like no other car on the road. It averages 1,600 miles a year.

The first place award went to a 1939 Buick 46C Trunkback Convertible Coupe brought in by Norman Veness, a 1952 Bloomington School graduate. He bought the car in 1957 for $60 and completely restored it and changed the navy blue color to yellow. Norman Veness no longer lives in Bloomington but likes to come back to participate in the Jefferson Car Show. He remembers one year driving to the show with the top down and getting caught in a heavy rain.

2012 will be remembered as the year the weather left the cars alone and sent everyone home with a little sunburn.

Norman Veness received the 1st Place Award for his 1939 Buick 46C Trunkback Convertible Coupe

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