Raceway Park NASCAR Father’s Day Weekend Results

| June 19, 2012

Raceway Park NASCAR Results 6.17.2012 by Kevin Busse  “The Voice of Raceway Park”

It was an action filled weekend at Raceway Park in Shakopee, kicking off with a special Friday Night Destruction event that packed the grandstands with excited race fans.  Friday night Figure-8 action had Ricky Martin of Farmington and Todd Wilson of Burnsville each taking feature wins in both Figure-8 runs.  The Thunder V-8 feature once again went to Martin, who also picked up a heat win earlier in the evening.  The Mini-Stock feature gave race fans a preview of what was to come during the Sunday night NASCAR acton, with Chaska driver Tom Sibila taking the checkered flag.  Front Wheel Flyer’s had Jack Purcell of Bloomington getting a feature win.  And once again Ricky Martin had the spotlight to a winning evening, grabbing another feature win, this time in the Flagpole Race.

Figure-8 driver Ricky Martin of Farmington in Victory Lane. Photograph courtesy of Martin DeFries / Redline Graphics

At Sunday nights NASCAR Whelen All-American Series action at Raceway Park in Shakopee, Ricky Martin tried to continue his winning streak on a Father’s Day that had kids of all ages in the stands taking dad out to the races for his special day.  In the first of two Figure-8 features, it was Shakopee driver John Lebens starting along side Eric Hake of Bloomington.  Lebens led lap one, as Todd Tacheny of Mankato pulled around Hake into 2nd place.  Farmington’s Ricky Martin began to make his move to the front with 13 laps to go, closing in on Dennis “The Menace” Barta of Richfield, and then passing for third 3 laps later.  As Martin tried to close the gap on 2nd, Minnetonka’s Louie Ansolabehere, just after passing through the “X”, bounced  his car off the back straight wall before coming to a stop at the top of the highway turn, bringing out the caution.  At the restart it was Lebens and Tacheny side by side, but as the group sped out of the turn, it was Martin who went wide to pass into second place with 8 laps to go.  This began a bumper-to-bumper battle for the lead, with Lebens on the point, Martin a close second and Tacheny in third.  The chase continued until 4 laps remained, when the Farmington driver tried to get along side Lebens, but Martin ran out of laps and time as the Shakopee driver crossed just ahead at the checkers to take the win, Ricky settled for a close second, and Tacheny close for third.

The second Figure-8 feature had Lakeville driver Danny Johnson in the lead at the green flag, with a side by side group behind him all battling for position through the opening laps.  With 12 laps remaining, Shakopee’s Matt Dickey advanced to third and was closing in quickly on second place driver Todd Wilson of Burnsville.  The top three drivers began to pull away with 9 laps to go, leaving Maple Plain’s Mark Bronstad back in 4th, and Farmington’s Ricky Martin right behind in 5th place.  4 laps later, as the leaders had to slow to avoid traffic in the “crossroads of doom,” Bronstad and Martin closed the gap on Dickey and joined the lead group.  With 4 laps to go, Johnson used the traffic in the “X” to build his lead, when something broke on the Wilson machine sending his car to the pits in the closing two laps.  At the finish it was Johnson with the win, Dickey in second, and Bronstad crossing third just ahead of Martin.

The Hobby Stock run of the evening placed Minnetonka’s Louie Ansolabbehere next to Jeremy Wolff of Chaska at the start, with Wolff moving to the lead as the field entered the back straight.  Once again there was plenty of side by side racing as Shakopee’s Mark Hawes moved into second, but followed closely by another Shakopee racer, Jacob Goede.  With 21 laps to go, Wolff was buiding his lead, and continued to pull away until 14 laps remained when Goede passed Hawes for 2nd.  Further back in the pack another battle was shaping up between rivals Brent Kane of Lonsdale and Farmington’s Dusty Mann, who were in a back-and-fourth for 4th place.  7 laps remaining, Goede was reeling in Wolff, slowly closing in on the leader as the laps clicked down and the top three pulled away from the rest of the group.  As the checkers flew it was Wolff taking the win, Goede second, with Hawes crossing in third.

In the American Short Tracker feature, New Prague’s Jeremy Roche was on the pole along side Richie Springborn of Lake Elmo.  Two laps into the run, as Roche was locking in the lead,    Springborn got tangled with Paul Roby of Rosemount and Lester Prairie driver Justin Schelitzche in turn 3 sending all three drivers spinning and bringing out the caution.  At lane choice for the restart, it was Roche next to Hastings driver Mike Dimmick, and that stayed a side by side battle for position until 7 to go, when heavy contact between the two on the front straight led to a big scramble that resulted in Todd Kamish of Farmington taking the lead.  As Dimmick moved back in on Kamish one lap later, Rogers driver Keith Paulsrud joined up making a three way battle for the top spot.  In the closing laps, Kamish was able to extend his lead, and at the finish the Farmington driver had the win, with Plymouth’s Dave Reed awarded second and Paulsrud third.  Dimmick was docked two positions, putting him out of the top three finishing order, due to rough driving.

The Bomber division feature was loaded with plenty of passing, as drivers throughout the field tried hard to work their way to the front through the entire event.  Andrew Bisek of Belle Plaine led early, as Prior Lake driver Nate Borchardt broke free from the group to take second place with 18 laps to go.  Eden Prairie’s Kenny Shug moved to third place 2 laps later just as Borchardt bump-passed Bisek to take the lead.  Tim Hollen of Richfield was on the move with 13 laps to go, taking 3rd place just as Shug made the charge for second.  Three laps later Hollen worked around both Shug and Borchardt to take the lead.  The hot passing continued to thrll the fans as Monty Knoll of Hastings went outside of Shug in a run for third and then immediately went around Borchardt to move into second with 6 laps to go.  2011 Raceway Park Bomber Champion Justin Kotchever of Shakopee passed into third place 3 laps later.  With the hard racing going on behind him, Hollen pulled away building a big lead in the closing laps.  At the line it was Hollen crossing first, followed by Knoll just ahead of Kotchever.  However, post-race technical inspection disqualified Hollen for an illegal sway bar, which awarded the win to Knoll, and moving Kotchever to second followed by Mike Stoer of Shakopee with a third place finish.

The NASCAR Super Late Models began with a multi-lap chase between Tom Quade of Bloomington and Farmington’s Ryan Kamish,  until Quade was able to pull into the lead with 25 laps to go.  Tom’s lead was short lived as Prior Lake driver Chad Walen, who has dominated the Late Model features this season at Raceway Park, got around Kamish to take second, and then passed Quade for the lead one lap later.  With 20 laps remaining, midwest motorsports veteran Mark Lamereaux of Bloomington moved to second with his sites set on Walen.  As the top two pulled away, a three way battle for  third shaped up between Quade, Joe Prusak of Minnetonka and Goodhue driver Bryan Roach.  Roach was able to go outside of Quade with 16 laps remaining to move to third.  Up ahead, Lamereaux was was slowly starting to catch the Prior Lake driver with 9 laps remaining, and was able to move even closer to the leader as they both started to lap slower cars in the final five laps.  However, time ran out for the veteran racer, as Walen took the checkers followed by Lamereaux, Roach crossed third, with Prusak and Quade right behind.

The Mini Stock feature was a perfect example of what local NASCAR Home Track racing is all about, with 29 cars taking the green flag in what was to be a fast paced caution free event.  Michael Wachs Jr. of Shakopee held the early lead over Shakopee’s Troy Buetow, until 18 laps to go when Bloomington’s Trevor Thompson moved around Buetow into second.  Two laps later positions changed again as Joe Tacheny of Mankato went outside of Thompson to grab 2nd just as Chaska’s Tom Sibila began his move, followed closely by Jack Purcell of Bloomington to take 4th and 5th.  With 13 laps remaining the leaders began lapping the slower cars in this huge field of competitors.  Three laps later, both Sibila and Purcell were able to use the lapped cars to their advantage, moving in right behind Tacheny.  The top four drivers were literally bumper to bumper with 6 laps remaining, moving in and around lapped cars until 4 laps to go when Purcell pulled outside in turn two going around both Sibila and Tacheny to take second, as the Chaska driver immediately followed Purcell to move to third.  With two laps to go Purcell made his big move, passing Wachs for the lead followed closely by Sibila who moved to second.  At the checkers in a super tight finish it was Jack Purcell with the victory, followed by Sibila right behind in second and Wachs a close third.

The excitement continues at “Minnesota’s Action Attraction” on Sunday, June 24th starting at 6pm, when Canterbury Park and Chanhassen Legion Post #580 presents the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.  The Great North Legends and Bandolero divisions will be joining the on-track action, plus the IMCA Old-Timers will be bringing their vintage racecars to the track, including many machines that competed at Raceway Park in the 1960s and ’70s.  It’s affordable family fun thats close to home all summer long!  For more information, call the Raceway Park Hotline at 952/445-2257 and check us out on the Internet at www.goracewaypark.com

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